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10:42 am, by zlinux

Screenshot of Ubuntu 10.04 RC (Release Candidate). Upgraded from 9.10 instead of completely reinstalling for convenience, and to maintain my installed programs and preferences, by merely pressing Alt-F2, typing ‘Update-manager -d’ into the text, minus the quotations, and tada! The update is already installing. Took me 45 minutes to download the new packages, but that was the longest portion of the installation. So far no bugs or glitches have hampered my exploration, but I’ll be reading over the Release Notes on the Ubuntu website later tomorrow. 

  03:01 am, by zlinux

I guess this question deals more with how computers run than with different operating systems. Is it true that having widgets slows down the performance of your computer. I can't remember who I heard this from, but they suggested that I did not use widgets because, since they are continually running, they will slow down the computer. What is your take on the issue? Is it something to even be concerned about?

Having any program running on your computer will slow it down, so it only makes sense that having a widget running will slow down your computer as well. Having something like the Windows Sidebar running will take up a slight amount of computer memory, but not enough to be highly noticeable. If you are running a program that takes up a huge portion of your computers power, then shutting off the widgets would greatly improve the performance of your computer. Any computer that was made in the past few years, however, should be powerful enough to handle running a few widgets without a problem.

07:51 pm, question from philpeterson-deactivated2012032, answered by zlinux

Quick snapshot of a few Widgets running on the desktop. The install for OpenSUSE was a little tricky, for it required me to partition a portion of my hard drive for the installation. It’s running smoother than Ubuntu, for it has its own dedicated portion of the hard drive now. Rather than it being considered a portion of the Windows XP portion of the hard drive. Ubuntu can be installed in this way as well, but requires partitioning as well.

  09:39 pm, by zlinux

I guess this is a follow up question to your follow up answer.
Is the Software Center that Linux offers similar to a free iTunes Store or Pirate Bay? And if they are like these applications, how can it be free? Who/Why would someone spend their own time and money to create these intricate programs, just to have people get them for free. Is Linux really that altruistic? I mean, it obviously costs money to make the apps. They are really free?

It may seem strange at first, but it is all legally free. Many of the applications are defined as “open-source”, which means the code used to create them is open to the public. For if someone were to be using say Google Chrome, and decides that theres a really cool feature that they want to create, but nobody else has made it yet. So that person will edit the code, make the improvement, and then re-release it for the public so that they can have the feature as well. It’s all about sharing and expanding on others ideas, and with open source, anyone has a chance to modify the program and help others. It may seem too good to be true, but it appears that there are a lot of people out there that are willing to do some coding work for no charge at all.

02:09 pm, question from philpeterson-deactivated2012032, answered by zlinux

Linux Mint Question

"So Linux Mint 4.0 is like an operating system, similar to a Windows Vista or Mac Snow Leopard?  Now, I have been seeing these commericals for Window’s 7—random people saying that Windows 7 was their idea.  Then the commercial will highlight something special about 7.  Does Linux have anything like this—new ideas I mean?  Anything worth while?" - Phil

Linux has always been about being cutting edge, and up to date on what people want. The multiple windows in one icon on the taskbar, as seen in the commercial about simplifying the OS, has been a part of Ubuntu for years now. Many of the ‘new and dazzling’ effects are taken straight out of Linux design schemes and user interfaces. With the desktop editor ‘Compiz’, users are able to change nearly everything about the OS. From the window border style, color scheme, menu editing, window effects, etc. 

What would be the best feature of Linux Distros such as Linux Mint and Ubuntu, would be their access to a ‘Software Center’. This is an application that connects the user with the ability to download thousands of applications ranging from games and text editors, to scientific applications about archeology and calculus programs. All for the whopping price of $0.00 :)

12:13 am, by philpeterson-deactivated2012032 1

Just a quick screenshot of Linux Mint 4.0, codenamed Daryna.

The release notes for it can be found here.

  04:37 pm, by zlinux 1

OpenSUSE & Linux Mint

Feeling as though I’ve been rambling on about Ubuntu for too long, I’ve decided to move on to other Linux distros (distributions) to see what other Linux OS’ (Operating Systems) have to offer. Two that I am currently downloading as I type are OpenSUSE, and Linux Mint

The following are the descriptions of the OS’ from their official websites.


openSUSE is a free and Linux-based operating system for your PC, Laptop or Server. You can surf the web, manage your e-mails and photos, do office work, play videos or music and have a lot of fun!

Linux Mint

Linux Mint’s purpose is to produce an elegant, up to date and comfortable GNU/Linux desktop distribution.

06:51 pm, by zlinux 3

Ubuntu Netbook Remix

Just a quick video I found that shows you a few things you can do with a Netbook Remix. The design and layout of the desktop is the standard look you will get when you install a fresh copy. I previously have had this OS (operating system) installed on my HP Laptop, and it was a tad too slow for my liking. It booted at the same speed of Ubuntu Desktop, and responded slower than the Desktop Edition did. Perhaps it was just not meant to be for me to have Ubuntu Netbook Remix on my laptop, but I would recommend that you give it a shot and see how it responds for you.

07:36 pm, by zlinux 1

The Installation Process (Ubuntu)

In the past, I’ve installed versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Installing Ubuntu, however, was something a little different..

Installing via ISO

Ubuntu Wubi Installer

  1. Load Ubuntu into Alcohol 52% (or any other cd image program).
  2. Choose install size, username, password, and which harddrive to use.
  3. Reboot your computer.
  4. Sit back, and watch.

This was a little shocking to me at first.. I was used to punching in numbers, information, timezone, etc., but with Ubuntu I had to do nothing of the sort. It merely took 10-15 minutes before I was logging into the name I had previously chosen earlier in the installation process, and presto! I was using Ubuntu. After connecting to my wireless network, it automatically checked for updates, setup the timezone, and was ready to go in less than a couple minutes. 

10:57 pm, by zlinux 1

Changed up the theme to something a little brighter. The dark theme had an unexpected side-effect of saving battery power, but took a toll on my eyes after an hour or so of looking at it.

  03:16 am, by zlinux

Screenshot of the desktop after a few customizations to the toolbars. Setup only took 10 minutes after install, and I had my desktop fully customized to my liking. Simple and easy. No high tech command line needed, merely click and add.

  03:09 am, by zlinux